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Thursday, July 18, 2019

SMART Apps: Shopify Theme Developer

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Headquarters: Saint Petersburg, FL

Currently, our Startup Company is looking for an innovative, talented and driven individual to join us as a Shopify Theme Developer as we improve and expand upon our existing custom theme. Our company has a huge audience of eCommerce students, and we're currently expanding our suite of Shopify apps, as well as driving to deliver a superior, premium theme for these students. 

Our team is still small so you'll be an important team-member, taking part in the growth of this company, as we begin to build out our Theme Development team, alongside our application development team. 

SMART Apps values certain characteristics in our team members. We aim to grow a family that is: 
  • Honest and Insightful
  • Engaging and Well-informed
  • Solution Experts
  • Proactive and Consistent

We require someone that aligns with the values above, but also one has experience developing new e-commerce user-interfaces and optimizing existing ones; someone with: 
  • very strong front-end implementation skills that can seamlessly translate design into functionality in a simple yet creative and efficient manner
  • a high-level understanding of the Liquid Templating language 
  • perfectionist-level attention to detail  

This is a full-time position as there is a lot of new work as well as enhancements and fixes to make. We will be requesting 30 hours/week to start, on a trial basis (90 days), and are looking for someone hungry and dedicated to working and delivering the best results.

Who this is for: We love to work with the BEST or those striving to be the best. We love to work with HUNGRY and EXCITED developers who are THRILLED to do what they do. If you are proud of your experience, your skill, and your abilities and desire to work with a great team of creative designers, talented application developers, and energetic, supportive leaders, then this is for you. You will be required to be on daily and working within our project management software (Slack, Notion, and Jira), but can work from anywhere as long as you have a solid internet connection and reliable voice chat for meetings. You will need to be able to problem-solve on your own. That means a full understanding of the specifications, project, and vision. You will NOT be micro-managed. If you can not handle working without supervision, this is NOT for you. Attention to detail is a must. You need to be able to hit deadlines on time, have great team communication, and absolute reliability to be on during working hours. 

We are looking for someone who is: 
  • Excited to join a small but expanding team and ready to grow with us
  • Loves to strategize and overcome software hurdles
  • Looking for a strong company culture built-in excellence and growth
  • Eager to grow in this field - a truly confident individual that also knows when to
    ask questions
  • Hungry to contribute and learn alongside like-minded individuals 

  • Complete understanding of Sections Everywhere (what it means, and how to implement), as well as the rest of the Theme kit changes, announced at Shopify Unite 2019
  • 5+ implementing front-end designs (via Html, CSS, JS)
  • 3+ years using the Liquid Template language 
  • 3+ years working with SCSS
  • High level of comfortability with JavaScript (JSON/LD, AJAX, etc)
  • Experience integrating with APIs
  • SEO knowledge and application in themes
  • Experience with general Shopify theme structure (layouts, sections, templates, snippets, etc.) 
  • Comfortable using Git version control
  • Experience with project management tools (Jira and Slack) 
  • Knowledge of NPM, CoffeeScript, and Gulp

  • Experience with SKETCH files or MarvelApp 
  • Experience following Git Flow standard
  • Familiar with Notion
  • Love of GIFs and animal

Compensation for this position is up to $70K/year depending on skills and experience

  • 20 Vacation Days Per Year (Accrual after a trial period of 90 days)
  • Unlimited Book/Audiobook fund
  • Mentorship from senior level engineers and C-Team

U.S. Employee Only Benefits: 
  • PPO Insurance (Health, Dental, Vision & Life) (We Pay 75%)
  • $1000/Year in travel credits (Airbnb, or the airline of your choice)
  • $360/Year in “Pet funds” for your furry friends
  • $720/Year towards your gym membership
  • $240/Year towards your music subscription (Spotify, Pandora)
  • $180/Year towards learning another language (Babbel, Duolingo)
    In other words, we’re seeking people who are, Bibliophilic, multi-lingual, cultured, well-traveled, health-conscious, pet-loving, audiophiles who want to build amazing products that tens of thousands of eCommerce stores around the world use and love
    We are eager to help develop the future of software development and NEED to hire someone that is eager to learn! You will be working with the SMART Family - a team of intelligent, driven and friendly individuals with one goal in mind: to better the lives of others in the e-commerce space. Those capable candidates will be required to run through an interview, development test, and short trial period before being brought on the team. 

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