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Monday, October 14, 2019

Bluesquare: Python/Django/React Developer

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Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

We’re looking for a Python/Django/React developer with 3-5 years of experience to join our development team. Our team includes ten people split between Brussels and Bujumbura. Specifically we are looking for someone to support our work on our product called Iaso. The position is a permanent one, and we would favor people wanting to join as employee (vs freelance). 

What we do
: We develop, host and maintain five different products that link together to support the whole data chain in the public health sector (the products focus on data collection, visualization, integration and include a business rule engine). They were developed using Django & Ruby on Rails (and React for the front end). We use these tools in our various projects across sub-saharan Africa, and the needs evolve with the business needs. We also manage some “custom” projects when the needs of a customer are too far out of the scope of our product features. 

Iaso is a product focused on mobile data collection – it helps field teams to collect data from multiple health centers, generally far from an internet connection. The web part of the application is written in Django with a React front-end. We have an Android application written in Kotlin on the mobile side. 

To date, Iaso has helped our clients to improve how they collect information and location data about 6000 health centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Iaso is the result of a project we managed in the DRC focused on eliminating the disease “Sleeping Sickness” by providing the field teams with adequate mobile tools to report their screenings of the population – often in very remote areas. 

You would join a team of three experienced developers who have been working together on the product across the whole development process – from customer requirements to delivery & support. So a number of interesting and unique challenges. 

How we work:
Although we all have our experiences, preferences and specialties, we value teamwork and collaboration above all. Our goal is to do the best work we can, improving our practices along the way. We follow a agile-ish approach, with backlogs, stories and sprints. 

We are a distributed and remote friendly company, so most of our meetings are calls and our standup involves people from 4-6 different countries on any normal day. 

What we look for:
B eyond your technical level, we will be looking for a colleague who has some interest in our mission with a general “team player” attitude – we value supporting each other first and foremost. 

Someone who shares our vision and who is willing to bring your knowledge to the team, help us improve our products but also our ways of working. A willingness to share experiences and knowledge is very important to us, as is the willingness to improve and grow – our company is evolving so we bet on your capacity and will to learn with us. 


We roughly follow this process: 
  • Send your resume & cover letter (we would like to learn something about you!) to 
  • Martin, our CTO will make first contact, typically a short call to expand a bit on the offer and answer any immediate questions about the company or position. He’ll also ask for any input to share with the team ahead of time (like public code if you have some and want to share it, references if useful, etc). 
  • The second and main step is a group interview (in person and/or on a conference call) with the Iaso team. Our reasoning is that they will be your closest colleagues so we want to see if this will work – for us and for you.  This is generally more a conversation with some emphasis on your background and what you could bring to the team.
  • Once this is done, we collect the feedback on our side (this is generally done the day after). At that time, if both you and the team are positive to move forward, we extend an offer.

To apply:


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