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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Confidently: Mobile UI/UX Designer

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Headquarters: Los Angeles

The Company is called Confidently and we provide Confidence mindset coaching to young athletes, eSports players and people in hi-stress jobs or situations.  We have a strong team and funding and are looking to automate hi-performance mindset coaching for the masses.

We are looking for a talented UI/UX designer who gets fun and gamification.  Ideally person will have some background building highly addictive, fun (and in the best possible world, educational) mobile games for teenage, young adult and adult ages - this could be games like Trivia Crack or language learning or similar (think Duolingo).  Need someone with really strong visual sense who will be able to work with us and 'wrestle the bear' of a complex project to help find solutions.   Someone who is mature and able to handle working remotely.

Ideally person can do illustrations and/or animations and has some experience working with characters and sound effects to make games more fun.  If not, they ideally can manage outside contractors and/or clearly communicate what they need to make things happen.

Could be stable work for a pretty long time, but will start with 1 month test, then 2 month extension.

To apply: http://Link to portfolio, also resume or cover letter if desired


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